Forestry Works is a collaborative effort by the the Forest Workforce Training Institute and other partners within the forest industry to develop a pipeline of qualified workers for the logging and wood product manufacturing industries.

We educate students, parents, and teachers about careers and job opportunities in the forest industry, and provide interested students with resources to help them along their career path.  It is our mission to provide the next generation with the resources, skills and guidance needed to join the forest and wood products manufacturing workforce. By partnering with education and private business within the southeast’s forest industry, we cultivate careers, build communities and stimulate local economies.

The Forest Workforce Training Institute (FWTI) was formed in 2018 to implement and expand a comprehensive workforce development initiative (the Initiative) developed by the Alabama Forestry Association (AFA) in 2015. The goal of the program is to create a pipeline of qualified workers to the forest industry. The program is built on three core principles:

  1. The challenges companies are experiencing finding qualified worker is not going away therefore the program must have a long-term focus.

  2. The forest industry must invest more resources to recruit and retain qualified workers in the face of growing competition with other industry sectors for a shrinking pool of workers.

  3. As the largest employer in many rural communities, the forest industry must effectively educate rural kids about the stable, well-paying jobs the industry provides close to home.


Ashley Rowe, Director of Workforce Development

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By partnering with education and private business, together we can keep the Southeast’s forest economy growing. Learn how to get involved.

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There is an abundance of opportunity to work in forestry. Visit our job board to find entry level job opportunities near you.