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Teachers Conservation Workshop Series (with PLT and Forestry Worker CRI Training)

Forest to Faucet: Tuscaloosa, AL June 25th - 26th

Alabama’s Amazing Forests: Auburn, AL July 16th-18th


Forestry Worker CRI

If you are an Agriculture teacher in Alabama who would like to become certified to offer the Forestry Worker CRI to your students, please contact us today!

Videos (downloadable mp4 file)

CRI and Credential Report

Module Powerpoints


Additional Videos

Logs to Lumber - An aerial journey through the sawmill


The Importance of Forests


How Forests Make Our Lives Better

Forestry Educational Film: It’s Time to Thin!


Secrets of the Longleaf Pine


Georgia-Pacific: How Paper is Made

How It’s Made: Laminated Veneer Lumber


Go Paper Grow Trees - how using paper can actually lead to more trees.


Meet the Faces of the Forest


Our forests

Southeastern forests provide hundreds of thousands of jobs in timber production and processing.


careers in forestry

There are over 40 different career opportunities in the forestry industry. Find out more.