Forestry technicians are skilled people experienced in technical tasks that don’t usually require heavy equipment, tools or hard physical labor. Instead, their main work requires applied knowledge and skills in data recording. Working as a forestry technician means you’re comfortable using a range of instruments to do things like taking measurements, surveying land, and inspecting and monitoring job sites.

There are many different kinds of forestry technicians. Most of their work happens outdoors. On a typical day you could work as part of team to fight forest fires. Or you could be tasked with marking timber to set up environmentally sustainable harvesting operations. Road and trail construction is another key duty.

other titles

Biology Technician, Fire Technician


A 2-year degree from junior or community college is usually required.

salary range

  • Average Annual Salary: $28,515 - 35,304

  • Average Hourly Rate: $14-17/hour


  • Inventory a stand of trees

  • Remark boundary lines

  • Mark timber before sale

  • Oversee tree-planting team

This job is right for you if...

  • You are physically fit

  • You love being outdoors

  • You would rather be in the woods than behind a desk


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