A GIS forester manages geographic information systems in support of land management and other forestry activities. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a leading technology in the natural resources profession.  This technology results from the organization of geographic information into computer database and analysis software which allows for statistical analysis, calculations, custom map production and many other manipulations to support planning, development and research projects.


Bachelor's degree in Forestry from an accredited University is required.

earning potential

  • Average Annual Salary: $42,381

  • Average Hourly Rate: $20/hour


  • Timely update of GIS and Inventory databases to reflect forestry operations

  • Satisfy GIS and reporting requests related to daily needs of operational forestry staff

  • Ensure that corporate data standards and data consistency is achieved

  • Ensure that environmental or financial risk management reporting is conducted in a timely and professional manner

This job is right for you if...

  • You enjoy working outside

  • You like project management

  • You have an eye for details

  • You enjoy working with data


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