why forestry?

The Southeast’s forest industry needs workers. It needs people who are passionate about the outdoors, people who are passionate about sustainability, and people who are passionate about their careers. Some of rural America's highest paid jobs are in forestry and forest product manufacturing - jobs like Sawfilers, Welders, Equipment Operators, and Truck Drivers.

Forestry is one of the Southeast's largest industries, but the majority of that workforce is over 54 years old - and there isn't currently a large enough group of qualified workers to take their place. Without qualified employees ready to take the place of those retiring in the next several years, hundreds of jobs will remain unfilled all over the state, and many companies will be forced to slow down production - some may even have to close their doors, which would devastate their local economies and eliminate

So, choose a career you'll enjoy. Choose an industry that cares about the environment, and one that will provide job security for years to come.