The work of an industrial engineer comes down to integrating systems of people, materials, equipment and energy. Industrial engineers conduct studies and develop ways to enhance efficiency. Their work covers how equipment is used, how human resources are deployed and how technology is integrated into operations. 

If you think of yourself as a versatile problem solver, industrial engineering could be a good fit. Your skill set will make you a sought-after professional in the forest products industry. It is an industry that is focused on efficiency, innovation and environmental sustainability.

Industrial engineers are designing better ways to produce lumber and other forest products. They are greening operations by integrating environmentally sustainable energy systems into mills, like co-generation from wood waste.

other titles

Manufacturing Engineer, Plant Engineer, Safety Engineer


An industrial engineering degree from a university is required. 

earning potential

  • Average Annual Salary: $64,384
  • Average Hourly Rate: $31/hour


  • Design and plan plant layouts and facilities
  • Approve efficiency
  • Develop maintenance standards, schedules and programs
  • Enhance industrial health and safety

This job is right for you if...

  • You have an analytical mind and like designing systems
  • You like machines 


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