forestry worker certificate

The Alabama Forestry Foundation, in partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education, developed a Forestry Worker Certificate Program to be taught in schools across the state. This certificate was designed to introduce students to basic forestry concepts and careers in the forest industry.


Logging Equipment operator school

As our first custom training program, our four-week logging equipment operator school provides training opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge of interested individuals aged 18+ to prepare them for a career in logging. This program especially geared towards recent high school graduates who have a desire to begin a career in logging.


Truck driver recruitment

Created to address the immediate need for experienced truck drivers in the forest industry, click here to learn more about our trucking recruitment campaign.


Career Education

One of the biggest ways to address the employment gap in forestry is simply through educating students about the many career opportunities available to them in forestry and forest products manufacturing. Click here to visit our careers page or here to request career resources.